Granny Greeny can teach us all to

Listen Louder


Her Listen Louder Game helps parents and children practice listening to each other with their whole bodies.  She teaches us to listen with eyes that never leave a person’s face, with a head that never moved, with hands that don’t fidget, with feet that never tap, and with hearts filled with love. 


Here’s how: crop Page_13


  • Choose a quiet time and a comfortable place where you won’t be interrupted.

  • Arrange two chairs facing each other about a foot apart.

  • Choose one person to talk while the other listens.

  • Sit down in the chairs facing each other with arms and legs uncrossed.

  • Greet your partner: “Hi, I’d like to talk to you.  Is this a good time for you to listen to me?”

  • If partner agrees, he/she answers, “Yes.” Take turns asking questions of each other and see how well you can follow Granny’s instructions.  We have listed questions to start you off. You can make up your own questions as well.

  • After each person finishes talking, score the listener on the Score Board.


Adults can ask children …

1. Tell me about your favorite toy.

2. Tell me the saddest thing that ever happened to you.

3. Tell me the happiest thing that ever happened to you

Children can ask adults…

1. What did you like to do when you were my age?

2. Tell me about the home you lived in when you were my age.

3. What was school like when you were my age?

Learning how to Listen Louder was not easy for Granny Greeny.  She practiced a long time to be able to give the special gift of listening louder.  Listen to each other often. Then you will be able to give the special gift of listening louder, too.

 18 is a perfect score.  How many points can you get?

Give each other three chances to get a perfect score.




  1. Josh Albert
    Josh Albert09-15-2014

    Awesome, what a great way to communicate. If we could incorporate this into industry we may be able to feel better about the people we work with or for.

    • Granny

      Hi Josh,

      Glad to hear that work is going OK. I sold 19 books on Sat. We’ll see what happens this Friday night.Hope it’s better. Love, Mom


    Second time I discovered your internet site on Google. Great stuff.

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