The Story of Listen Louder:



“I’ve interviewed thousands and thousands of people and found that everyone wants the same thing: to be seen, to be heard, and to know that their words matter.”

   Oprah Winfrey, Soul Series XM Radio


We believe that listening is becoming a lost art and that texts and tweets are no substitute for face-to-face and heart-to-heart conversations.  Minute by minute, technology shifts our attention from one image to another. As a result, we are too distracted to really listen to one another. We continually jump from one thing to another, which makes building relationships extremely difficult.

 When my first granddaughters were born I was determined to create a good relationship with them even though we lived far apart.  I remembered that the adults I felt close to as a child were the ones who listened to me.  They made me feel visible and important.

That is how Granny began.

The importance of listening steadily increased over my 40-years as a healthcare communications professional. I discovered that what patients needed most was to feel safe and secure with the people who cared for them. They needed to be heard. Often, that was not the case. As a consequence, patients were often grumpy, tense, and dissatisfied with their care.  This made healing more difficult, increased pain and stress and slowed immune responses.

I asked, “Could better communication correct some of these problems? It certainly couldn’t hurt!” So I developed interpersonal communications training for staff members. As a result, the ‘vibes’—the energy—between patients and staff improved, patients were more satisfied, and employees seemed to be happier with their patients and with each other.

What was going on here?  It seemed to be all about The Vibes — the positive energy being transmitted between people that made everyone feel better.

The space in between two people is sacred ground and it got healthier as soon as we started listening to our patients. It was all about the exchange of energetic vibrations.

Several years later, science proved this to be accurate.  Dr. Rollin McCraty, Director of Research at HeartMath Institute in California, discovered that energy in the space in between two people could be measured within five feet of the body.  That energy was the result of the coherent or incoherent heart beats affecting each person.  The heart is the strongest energy center in the body – 5,000 stronger – so it made sense that the ‘vibes’ from the heart would be strong enough to be measured.  Coherent heartbeats were found to be healthy.  Incoherent heartbeats indicated stress.

 We were right.  The space in between really mattered.


 That brings us back to Granny Greeny.

Granny makes Listening Louder a fun challenge for all of us to put down our iPads, smart phones and computers and meet face-to-face and heart-to-heart.  She’s even created a Listen Louder Game so we can practice.

I hope you enjoy Granny Greeny, that you share it with your loved ones, and that your relationships have long, happy and healthy lives.


Thanks for listening!

Ina Albert, Author

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