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Granny Greeny Says…Listen Louder asks us to stop

texting and tweeting and meet face-to-face and heart-to-heart

A picture book like no other, it teaches young and old 

to give the special gift of Listening Louder

Flathead Valley, MT, — Granny Greeny Says…Listen Louder, is a picture book like no other.(Mountain  Greenery Press, August, 2014: ISBN: 978-0-9904703-0-4).  It is the first in a series of intergenerational stories dedicated to playfully reminding us how to make meaningful connections with one another.

Granny says, “The greatest gift you can give another human being is to truly listen to them.  Listening to children helps them feel safe enough to share their feeling, worries, triumphs, and what is true for them.  So all you have to do to discover what makes children happy is the listen louder.” Albert says listening is fast becoming a lost skill and that technology is the greatest enemy of interpersonal communication.  “In our attention-deficit society, emails, texts and tweets are no substitute for the exchange of understanding created by face-to-face conversations.  

Where it all started:

“When my granddaughters were born, I was determined to create a good relationship with them even though we lived far apart.  I remembered that the adults I felt close to as a child were the ones who listened to me.  They made me feel visible and important,” says Albert.  Granny Greeny Says…Listen Louder gives grandparents, parents and children an entertaining and fun way to re-establish meaningful connections with each other. And, it includes a interactive game to practice using Granny’s special gift.”

About the book:

Granny Greeny is the best listener we know.  She listens with her whole body: with eyes that never leave your face, with a head that never moves, with hands that don’t fidget, with feet that never tap and with a heart filling with love.  The Ringmaster of the Biggest Clown Circus on Earth, along with clowns from far and near and the children who visit Granny in The Farm In the Zoo, all experience her special gift.  They learn that you never have to say a word to understand what makes children happy.  All you have to do is listen louder.  

More About Ina Albert

Ina co-authored “Write Your Self Well…Journal Your Self to Health,” (Mountain Greenery Press, 2003, ISBN: 0-9753196-0-4), a journal/workbook written for people suffering from illness and stress. A health care communications professional for over 40 years and an advocate for interpersonal communication between hospital staff and patients, helping patients feel safer and more secure.

A short story by Albert will appear in Disquiet Times, an anthology edited by Cathleen Falsani and Jennifer Grant, to be released in October, 2014 by Jericho Publishing. Her work is included in The Art of Grief (Routledge Press), and her stories for children and adults have been published in Chicago Parent Magazine,Belief Net, Jewish Magazineand Sojourner.  Her monthly columns appear in MontanaWoman Magazine and 406 Woman. She lives in Whitefish, Montana, is a seminar leader with Sage-ing International, and an adjunct instructor at Flathead Valley Community College.

More About Bret Schlesinger:

Granny Greenyillustrator, Bret Schlesinger, always carries a sketchpad to chronicle life in a painterly style. His drawings transmit the gentle atmosphere of Granny’s story. A teacher, administrator, adjunct professor and artist, his work has shown in universities, galleries and museums in major U.S. cities and in private collections.

What others are saying:

“Granny Greeny learned what few people do, that it is more important to listen louder than to speak louder. Many good leaders are good speakers, but great leaders are great listeners.” …Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, Phillipsburg, MT


“I love the lesson Granny Greeny teaches in this book: that learning to listen louder is the secret to helping kids express and understand their thoughts and feelings.  Every parent needs to learn this lesson. ” …Dina Rose, Ph.D, author, It’s Not About the Broccoli: Three Habits to Teach Your Kids for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating


“For so many of our children, communication consists more and more of texting on smart phones, tweeting and the Internet and less and less in face-to-face communication.  Granny Greeny reminds us that learning to listen louder supports and enhances our humanity, knowledge and understanding of each other. Learning this skill can enhance and support children’s ability to communicate effectively with others of all ages.” …..Joyce DuBack,EdD., Former District Director of Special Education, Springfield Vermont, Chairperson, Department of Elementary & Special Education, Antioch/NE Graduate School, Keene,NH.


“I was transported by Granny Greeny. Ina Albert has brought her to life. Listening is a skill we all need, and this book brings the message and the skill to us all. As a practitioner of conflict resolution, I would love to send Granny to oh so many places and people so they could listen louder to each other! “ ….Diane L. Katz, PhD…Diane Katz, Ph.D, President, The Working Circle,  Author, Win At Work: The Everybody Wins Approach to Conflict Resolution, Delray, FL


 “It’s a rare story that appeals to children, parents, and grandparents, but when Granny Greeny talks, we should all listen louder!” …..Kathy Dunnehoff, National Bestselling author of The Do-Over.  Kalispell, MT


“When I listened to Granny Greeny Says…Listen Louder, I nearly cried remembering being a kid who wasn’t listened to. Now I’m becoming a better listener. This book is the perfect gift for children of all ages. Listen Louder!  Granny definitely knows best!” Tania Grossinger, author, Jackie (Robinson) and Me, A Very Special Friendship, Memoir of an Independent Woman, and Growing Up At Grossinger’s.   Book Details:      


  • Title:Granny Greeny Says…Listen Louder, first of intergenerational communication picture book series •
  • Author:  Ina Albert, Illustrator Bret Schlesinger
  • Publisher:   Mountain Greenery Press, Whitefish, MT •
  • Publication:  August, 2014, US $9.46 •
  • Writing, ISBN: 978-0-9904703-0-4 •
  • Mass market paperback, 8.5 x 8.5”,  48 pages •
  • All e-book formats and Audible audio version •
  • Available in bookstores, online booksellers, and all wholesalers.

Review Copies and Media Interviews: For a review copy of Granny Greeny Says…Listen Louder or an interview with Ina Albert, please contact her at (406) 863-2333 or  When requesting a review copy, please provide street address. .



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